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4 Must Read Secrets To Remaining On Top In The Fashion Industry

If you're a start-up in the fashion industry, you may wonder how you get to the top of the fashion game? This industry is highly competitive, with an estimated market value of $1.9 trillion. There are numerous high clothing brands and fashion houses to compete with. You may feel that it would be difficult to…
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Decoding The Mystery Of Healing; It’s Not What You Think

Healing is always a complex process. In that journey of the ‘healer,’ the mind plays a significant role. Surprisingly, most hurting people don’t even know that they need healing. However, Marilyn Julia Brown has been at the forefront of raising awareness about healing your body, mind, and spirit.  All human beings have a great potential…
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From Homeless to an Impactful Icon in Transforming People’s Lives

Jennifer Hernandez, a keynote speaker, a mentor, and a professional mortgage officer, embodies how a positive mind shift can help you rise above the storms of life. Born in an environment skewed to favor men, nobody believed in her potential that she could be anybody in life. She had straight f’s sophomore year in high…
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How Jesús Bullón Penco is Redefining the Spanish Esports Industry

The Spanish esports market is looking up with an ever-increasing market base. Spain has become one of Europe's reference countries for esports as the country has contributed majorly to the development of the game in the ecosystem.   Spain's esports players have also contributed to the game's growing popularity. Their dedication, teamwork, and passion have put…
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