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4 Tips for better videos to improve your SEO

Video marketing is a great strategy to enhance the SEO of your website and to stand out from your online competitors, since your site has more chances of being ranked by Google’s search engine if it contains videos. In fact, there are 4 main elements that could turn in your favor if you are smart…
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3 Important SEO Trends of 2020

SEO trends don’t tend to change overnight, but that doesn’t mean they remain the same forever either.  So what SEO trends do you need to be aware of in 2020 that will help you dominate in the SERP and ultimately boost your revenue? Renown SEO specialist Daniel Foley says to:  1. Optimise for users, not…
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4 Tips for Using BarxBuddy Your Dog Will Love

When your furry best friend has some trouble learning the behaviors you expect from him or her, it’s natural to look for training aids to help. There are a lot of options on the market that involve either startling your dog or causing them mild pain or discomfort. It’s fair for those options to make…
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Latent Semantic Indexing and It’s Affects on SEO

The term “Latent Semantic Indexing” is rare among business owners but is commonly used by SEO St. Louis experts in the industry, including several influencers. They often use it to boost organic search success. Abbreviated as LSI, Latent Semantic Indexing has been claimed to boost your SEO, but how exactly does it do that? First,…
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