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The gaming world has never been the same since NFT and blockchain technology adoption. The NFT market, for instance, has scaled into a billion-dollar industry in just two years. The art world benefited significantly from the skyrocketing NFT, with the number of art sales surpassing 1.5 million in a single month last year. However, there's more to NFT than trading on artwork. 

Today, we're going to take a closer look at Stadio global, a company that has disrupted the web three market with its Algorand blockchain plus other built-in technologies. 

About Stadio Global 

Stadio global is an enabled technology company in the web three and Crypto space. The company has built a virtual ecosystem where players and fans can engage in greater engagement and transactions. Stadio has built technologies that provide dynamic utilities for continuous monetization. The aim is to give athletes greater control of their personal brand, including how much they earn. Athletes who join the ecosystem get to set up a wallet where they can buy and invest in NFT, Crypto, bitcoin, and other digital stuff. The athletes also get to work with Stadio's creators to design a customized NFT with an attached value to it. 

How Stadio made NFT more valuable 

One of Stadio's pathways set up for monetization is through their latest game StadioLeaguez 3V3. Athletes will have their NFTs in the game. The spin-off, however, is that the value of the NFT is affected by the real-life performance of the athletes. If the athlete performs badly, their NFT value decreases. 

StadioLeaguez 3V3 comes with fantastic features similar to FIFA Ultimate and NBA Jan. The game developers are responsible for marketing, building the artwork, and other aspects of the game. There are power features marked by aspects such as different colors of the shoes or colored accessories. Fans will also engage in missions tournaments, and athletes get 20% of the sales. 

The NFTs in Stadio's ecosystem are attached to tokens that you can redeem for future things in the ecosystem. Moreover, players will access athletes' merchandise, including discounts, props, and exclusive content, e.g. pre-match and post-match interviews. Pretty soon, players will be able to exchange the NFTs for Crypto. 


NFT gaming is the new trend that's set to skyrocket even further. Stadio's virtual ecosystem takes the thrill of NFT to the next level by synergizing the token with real-world stats. Those who have the NFTs can use them to purchase stuff in the ecosystem, like the merchandise from their favorite athletes. 

Those who participate in Stadio will also enjoy a significantly low network fee plus greater transactions on the Alrogrand protocol, unlike other NFT platforms. 

Stadio's founders Martin Lazarevic and Ash Hoey have a very successful track record in tech startups. They are very excited about Stadio and believe that participants in the new ecosystem will get more out of it than anticipated. Stadio also plans to introduce its own currency, Stadio coin, to facilitate transactions. Those with this coin can use it to buy other items or exchange it for Crypto. 

You can learn more about Crypto by registering on their site. Be sure to connect with them on social media as well to stay up to date with their services. 

  • Twitter: @StadioHQ
  • Instagram: stadiohq

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