Think Big, Talk Small

Writing quality content is a David and Goliath proposition: Your content is like the diminutive David, up against those giant Goliath brands that can afford to hire the best content writers and back them up with a dazzling array of apps and gimmicks.

To make your content count, to get it out there, you need to do what David did.

He didn't hire consultants or take a poll. He picked up a local item -- a stone -- put it in his slingshot, and sent Goliath sprawling with one well-aimed shot to the forehead.

So make your brand as local and personal as possible. Aim your local stone at local demographics. As you build your niche market, you can expand to include a wider area of influence.

And someday, you just might be the Goliath in your business/industry.

But watch out . . . there's always a David waiting to bring you back to earth.


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