3 Things You Can Learn From Entrepreneur Ben Zogby About Online Course Business

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On a positive note, COVID-19 has opened the eyes of many people around the world about starting a business. The lockdown measures kept them in their homes with so much free time to think. The current situation made them rethink where they want to go in life. Numerous people are discovering that they can start and run a business at their homes' comforts with just a laptop or a desktop computer.

The internet and social media are great equalizers in terms of entrepreneurship. Right now, anyone who has access to the internet can start an online business. Aspiring entrepreneurs no longer need significant capital to establish a business. Even with just $1,000 in their pocket, they can begin their journey to entrepreneurship.

Multi-million-dollar entrepreneur Ben Zogby shared that the most accessible and most lucrative business today is online course business. It is a thriving industry expected to reach $30 billion in the upcoming ten years. "It is the best type of business anyone could start that can generate income for the rest of their lives. So, if you have the skill to share, why not turn it into a source of passive income with the internet. People will pay to learn from you," Zogby noted.

Today, Zogby shares three essential things that people should remember when starting an online course business.

Build A Following

For Ben Zogby, building a following online platform is the first step towards establishing an online course business. "Start building an online following on social media. YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are the most common platform to start with your following, or anywhere you could share the information that you have to people for free," Zogby explained.

In other words, aspiring online entrepreneurs should build their audience first on social media platforms. Zogby said that they could build their followers by sharing information. "You can offer a simplified version of an online course that you are going to sell. Share it without asking anything in return. Although, you could request them to click on the like or subscribe button," Zogby explained. Growing their community on their chosen social media channel is crucial in getting potential buyers for an online course. Suppose they do not have an audience to whom they will sell their online course. In most cases, the organic audience in social media is interested in a topic or a skill they are posting. Hence, it is easier to persuade them to buy an online course to learn more about the topic or skill.

Zogby shared that there are two ways to grow their social media following. "If you have money to spare, you can pay people with an existing audience like social media influencers to promote your page and drive more traffic. It is the fastest way to build your followers," he said. 

On the other hand, Zogby said that if they do not have enough budget, they can invest their time in creating relevant content that can capture their target audience's attention. They need to adopt strategies to put that information in front of their target audience. It involves a lot of research to identify the needs and behavior of their target audience.

Offer The Best Student Experience

Another thing that they should learn is providing the best customer experience to their students. "Focus on developing the best online course in your niche. Ensure that your course can produce the best result for your students. In other words, offer the best value for your digital information product," Zogby said.

Online course providers with the best customer experience tend to get the most significant number of students. The reason is simple. They are getting great reviews from their students. Student reviews are critical because prospective students will check reviews from past students about the course. "Student success is still the best form of marketing. It is proof that you offer an excellent program that has changed the lives of students," Zogby explained.

Gain People's Trust

Zogby emphasized that building the target audience's trust is crucial in scaling an online course business. "People only buy from a brand that they trust. If prospective students do not trust your online course, you will have a hard time selling it. Therefore, it is important to gain your audience's trust," Zogby said.

There are no shortcuts in making people trust a brand. "You should create and share consistently content that appeals to your target audience. Before you can gain their trust, you need to establish a connection first. It will be easier if you understand your target audience. If you established a connection with them, gradually, you would gain their trust," Zogby said.

Do not underestimate the power of online word-of-mouth marketing. If people trust a brand, they will share that with their family and social media friends. Statistics showed that 71% of consumers tend to buy a product based on social media referrals. It is one way of driving traffic to the online course website or landing page. "The more people going to your page in the long run, the more sales you are going to get," Zogby said.

Enroll At HighStrike Startup

Zogby urged everyone to enroll at HighStrike Startup and turn their skills into a profitable business. "You will study everything you must know in starting an online course business using our proven three-step blueprint," Zogby said. He added that they would get in-depth learning to create, launch, and sell their online course. The program is a combination of self-paced online lectures and virtual consultation with Zogby and other successful students.

To learn more about starting an online course business, you can visit www.highstriketrading.com/p/startup for more details.

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