GOOD MORNING: The Story Behind YousicPlay That Will Brighten Your Day

Here comes some news to brighten you, your day, and your career as an artist. If you have been struggling to make waves in the industry, worry no more as YousicPlay is here to make it easy for you. YousicPlay is an online platform that allows music students globally to have access to the most excellent musicians and comprehensive lessons catering to all levels of talent and experience. Alain Merville is the founder of the platform.

The Man Behind YousicPlay

Alain Merville is the founder of YousicPlay and a professor at the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston. He brings a wide range of experience in the music field to his work as an artist, manager, and cultivator of young talent. Alain is proficient in piano playing and advanced gospel styles. 

Alain is an immigrant from Haiti who moved to the US at the age of 7. He first learned to play the piano at the age of 14 and started playing it commercially in New York at 15. Alain refined his skills at Berklee College of Music and took up roles such as Music Director for artists. He also began recording and posting videos of himself playing the piano, explaining the different concepts he played. A Gospel Piano e-learning platform featured him in one of their programs. The feature brought him some notoriety that made him stretch piano lessons via skype.

He later formed a live music entertainment company, Nate Bash Band, which he sold to a more established brand in 2018. He was assigned a role as the Director of Operation but fully transitioned to running YousicPlay in 2020.

About YousicPlay

YousicPlay offers a wide range of musical genres and artists from various nations, including the US. It has had the honor of working with high-profile clients like Ne-Yo, Arturo Sandoval, Chrisette Michele, and Cory Henry. They offer online pre-recorded instructional courses taught by the best musicians in the world. As a student, you can purchase one class or access all of the terms at a subscription. 

The team at YousicPlay consists of a CEO, COO, in-house video editors, graphic designers, admins, and marketing team. They’ve on-boarded multiple Grammy-winning world-class instructors and secured a seed round of funding. They are ready to use this momentum to scale and disrupt the entire E-learning industry.

How YousicPlay Came to Be

In the second year of running Nate Bash Band in 2016, Alain created his first online piano instructional course, resulting in a considerable income. The class brought $50,000+ in the first few months with less than $7,000 in marketing, from an investment of $1,500 to create the course. The accomplishment is what struck the idea of YousicPlay. He worked on it while still running Nate Bash Band and as a local church bandleader. In 2019, Alain and his team were able to record their first online course for YousicPlay. The company has had a massive organic growth in students and the community. 95% of their students chose to recommend YousicPlay to a friend.

What You Can Expect from YousicPlay

You ought to seek at least one of their courses or all as it drives the significant forces of success in the music industry. These forces are value and relationships. To succeed in the music industry, you need to establish your worth and also collaborate with world-renowned artists as you learn from them. 


  • The program boosts productivity 


Interacting with experienced musicians and getting advanced lessons to build your craft will help you shape your weakness. It will help strengthen your value to articulate it to the world. You can challenge your abilities to discover your potential. In this platform, you are also sure to strive for excellence as you will want to leave a great impression on the artist you are working with—all these trigger productivities. 


  • Expands your network


Interacting with established artists will pave the way for collaborations, interviews, more events, and a larger audience. It puts you in the limelight to allow for various opportunities.


YousicPlay is the place to be inherent in to establish your skills as an artist. You can expect to shape your skills as well as grow your audience. With the right skills, you can impact value to the world as you grow your network, defining your success. Follow them on Instagram or their Website to get the most out of their courses.

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