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Platinum Rapid Funding Provides Capital to The Retail Industry

Owning a business is one thing and succeeding in the fast-paced business environment is another. For any business looking to remain on the top and have cutting edge competition, there's the need to ensure liquidity. With the rising business expenses and declining cash flows, businesses are slowly becoming less efficient in managing their affairs. For…
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How hedge funds can benefit from DDQ security from Agio

If you have ever worked in a hedge fund, you know how vital a Due Diligent Questionnaire (DDQ) is to the management. These forms are used to collect critical information, and can also be used in marketing. Sometimes, the information that you obtain through the questioners is so sensitive, and you do not want to…
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6 Tips to Be Successful as a Medical Student

So you got admitted into your favorite medical school. Congratulation! Pat yourself on the back. This is only the beginning, though, because your journey isn’t over yet. Just because you are now a medical student, it doesn’t mean that you are automatically becoming a doctor – not just yet! There are some things that you…
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