Localizing SEO for Law Firms

Every site that wants to improve its SEO needs to know which keywords to select. Keywords, for the unfamiliar, are the terms your site uses to help search engines link your site to a particular query. If you’re a lawyer, you want to select the terms that your potential clients will use within your site’s copy so you can be found.

So, how do you start selecting keywords for your law firm? Here are some tips.

Start With Geography

If you’re a national firm, you probably already have someone on your staff handling your SEO, but most lawyers work in a small area. These small firms should choose keywords or keyword phrases that relate to the local area, such as city names, regional names, the name of the state, and so forth. This will ensure that people searching for a lawyer in your region can find you.

Google has a way to assist with this. Google My Business is the tool Google uses to link physical businesses to addresses and search queries. You may have seen the little box pop up on the right hand of the screen when you googled for a restaurant on your laptop. That’s an example of it in action. Your firm can have the same benefit. Plus, by associating your business with Google Maps you’ll start appearing in related geographical searches. The site to sign up is at https://www.google.com/business/

Narrow By Practice

The type of law you practice is the next thing to consider. You need to use keywords that not just state the type of law you practice, but also don’t accidentally link you to types of law you don’t practice.

As an example, take this lawyer - www.atlantacaraccidentlawyer.com. The front page says that they focus on car accidents, and while that may seem pretty straightforward, it’s not quite as simple as it appears. This umbrella term can include practice areas such as DUI, rear-ending, property damage because of car accidents, and more.

If you do have a lot of practice areas, segregate your website into different sections so that searchers land on the right part of your website when they search. If you do both criminal and family law, for instance, don’t put family law terms into your criminal defense pages and vice versa without a good reason.

Use Terms Your Audience Will Use

This is trickier than you might think. Lawyers are used to using very precise language when they write or speak thanks to their years of training. But the general public doesn’t get lawyerese. Worse, they probably won’t be searching for your website using legal terms.

This doesn’t mean you have to use a lot of slang. A professional appearance is important. But if people are using a term, or better, searching with a term for something that you can help them with, folding the word into your copy won’t hurt.

Also, it helps to know how people are searching for lawyers in general. Did you know that people search for the word “attorney” more than lawyer?

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