SEO Secrets

Creating Traffic with Controversy

Creating content that sizzles is one thing; creating content that brings in traffic and leads is another. While you always want your content to be high quality, you also want it to be engaging. That may mean going out on a limb with something controversial. Not vulgar or insulting, and certainly not libelous (as your…
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Write Better Content by Going Crazy for a Moment

Keeping up a constant stream of quality content for your blog(s) can quickly lead to writer's block or even complete burnout, where all you want to do is run screaming out of the house, smashing your laptop on the nearest rock, and head for Bali Hai, to loll on the beach collecting sea shells for…
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Images That Attract the Right Kind of Traffic

The right kind of traffic is niche traffic. Who is your brand aimed for? If you really, truly know your niche, then you're halfway to knowing how to attract them with the proper images.

The two pillars of grabbing attention through images are PERSONAL and SYMBOLISM.

An image is personal when it shows dynamic and emotional human beings engaged in some kind of physical contact or displaying an intense emotion -- such as embracing and laughing, holding hands and weeping, etc.

A crucifix is symbolic; so is a swastika. All symbols are powerful, and used carefully with discretion can give your brand a powerful link in the mind of consumers. Think of the Olympic symbol of five linked rings -- it conjures up a host of ideas and feelings.

Find the right symbol for your brand and, as with the better-built mousetrap, the world will beat a pathway to your door.