With over a decade of experience optimizing websites for top search engine placement, Dustin Williams is seasoned search engine optimization expert. Dustin has his SEO Master and Social Media Practitioner certifications from Market Motive and has positioned himself as a Guru in the SEO industry.

Dustin's expertise spans into both local SEO and international SEO. He spent several years managing an SEO campaign for a global web hosting provider.

Dustin is adept at optimizing websites for better search engine indexing and improved search engine rankings and has a sharp eye for details on optimizing eCommerce websites. His attention to details helped an eCommerce company grow their online revenue by over $100,000 is just 2 months.

He is currently  studying Public Relations and Advertising at Weber State to further compliment his existing skills in the field of digital marketing.

Dustin is on Twitter, Facebook, and  LinkedIn