Video marketing is a great strategy to enhance the SEO of your website and to stand out from your online competitors since your site has more chances of being ranked by Google’s search engine if it contains videos.

In fact, there are 4 main elements that could turn in your favor if you are smart enough to combine the benefits of video marketing and SEO

First of all, videos attract more online traffic. According to Cisco, videos will generate 81% of the total online traffic by 2021.

Since there are many people visiting your site and watching your video, the odds are that other people with similar searches will click on your website too.

As a consequence, Google will rank your site on top of its results list because it sees that you have high incoming traffic.

Secondly, your website has more chances of getting backlinks if it has videos. 

In case you didn’t know, backlinks are crucial concerning a website’s SEO. This happens because Google considers that someone else promoting your content is a key element to ranking it.

A better UX is our third benefit. This is how it works: people spend more time on websites containing videos,  therefore, Google assumes that your site provides a great user experience and ranks you on top of its results page.

Finally, videos get very high engagement levels, and this helps businesses increase conversions and gain more customers.

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