Unveiling Flawless Skin: Why Bionassay Leads the Way in Skincare

In the quest for radiant and youthful skin, the skincare market offers a plethora of options, each promising transformative results. Amidst this sea of choices, one brand stands out as a beacon of excellence: Bionassay. Renowned for its innovative formulations and commitment to skin health, Bionassay has garnered a loyal following among skincare enthusiasts. In this article, we delve into what makes Bionassay a frontrunner in the realm of skincare, and why its products, such as the Neige Éternelle, Perle d’Eau, and Éclat de Lait, are coveted by beauty aficionados worldwide.

At the heart of Bionassay’s philosophy lies a dedication to harnessing the power of nature to enhance skin vitality. Their products are meticulously crafted using premium ingredients sourced from sustainable and ethical suppliers. One of their flagship offerings, the Neige Éternelle, epitomizes this commitment to excellence. This deeply nourishing yet lightweight velvet cream is formulated with potent botanical extracts that provide intense nourishment while effectively smoothing away the appearance of wrinkles. Its purifying and comforting properties help to calm the skin, leaving it replenished and rejuvenated. Whether you’re battling fine lines or seeking to improve overall skin texture, the Neige Éternelle is a must-have in your skincare arsenal.

For those grappling with dry or dehydrated skin, Bionassay presents the Perle d’Eau, a gentle and deeply moisturizing cream that works wonders. Enriched with hydrating ingredients, this cream visibly improves the appearance of parched skin, imparting a healthy and radiant glow. Its unique formulation forms a protective veil, shielding the skin against external aggressors and environmental stressors. With regular use, Perle d’Eau soothes dry and stressed skin, helping to maintain optimal hydration levels and restore a plump, youthful complexion.

Incorporating exfoliation into your skincare routine is essential for achieving a clear, luminous complexion. Bionassay’s Éclat de Lait offers a potent solution to daily aggressions that trigger dryness and premature aging signs. This fast-absorbing serum combines the exfoliating prowess of Glycolic Acid with the nourishing properties of Honey, Chicory Root, and Chamomile. The result is a daily leave-on exfoliant that replenishes the skin barrier, evens out the complexion, and tackles visible signs of aging without causing irritation. With Éclat de Lait, you can bid farewell to dull, lackluster skin and embrace a radiant, youthful glow.

What sets Bionassay apart from other skincare brands is its unwavering commitment to efficacy and safety. Each product undergoes rigorous testing and quality control measures to ensure optimal performance and compatibility with all skin types. Furthermore, Bionassay’s dedication to sustainability extends beyond product formulations to encompass eco-friendly packaging and manufacturing practices. By choosing Bionassay, you’re not only investing in your skin’s health but also supporting a brand that prioritizes environmental responsibility.

Bionassay emerges as a beacon of excellence in the realm of skincare, offering transformative products that deliver tangible results. Whether you’re seeking to combat wrinkles, replenish dry skin, or achieve a luminous complexion, Bionassay has you covered. With its Neige Éternelle, Perle d’Eau, and Éclat de Lait formulations, Bionassay combines the best of nature and science to unlock your skin’s full potential. Experience the difference for yourself and embark on a journey to radiant skin with Bionassay.

For more information and to explore Bionassay’s range of skincare products, visit Bionassay.

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BarxBuddy Dog Training Device, the revolutionary device that helped me train my dog easily and safely!

Our pets should provide us with happiness, friendship, and pride. However, dealing with a dog who constantly disobeys or displays behavioural concerns can be a constant source of worry for both us and them.

Perhaps you’re the owner of one of these dogs and know how aggravating it is to deal with chewed shoes, ripped couches, and destroyed possessions. Chewers, diggers, and clutzes are examples of destructive dogs. Not to talk of constant barking.

This can be a particularly frustrating thing for most dog owners when they have a dog that is always barking for no reason.

Training not only teaches your dog proper etiquette and manners, but it also helps you and your dog form a bond. Is it possible to teach a dog not to bark excessively?

Dealing with a dog that is always barking can be aggravating. There are various ways, methods, or techniques through which you can train your pet dogs, one of which is the use of dog training devices.

A particular example of a dog training device is the BarxBuddy Dog Training Device. This dog training device was specifically designed to help train your dog through the use of ultrasonic sounds.

BarxBuddy is a US-based company that creates innovative dog and pet products. The BarxBuddy, an ultrasonic barking device, is one of their products.

It is safe to use on your dogs, and it has really helped to reduce the excessive barking of my dog. The BarxBuddy Dog Training Device is an easy-to-use hand-held ultrasonic training tool, and unlike some bark collars, it doesn’t inflict pain.

What is the mechanism behind it?

Well, when your dog starts barking, immediately press and release the button to generate a high-frequency sound that your dog will hear but not you. The noise will stop your dog from barking long enough for you to say “quiet.” When he agrees, praise him and give him a treat.

Every dog, regardless of age, breed, or temperament, can benefit from some training. This particular training tool is my favourite because it’s safe, it’s effective, and gets the job done. I highly recommend this device!

Reasons Why You Should Train Your Dog

● Both the dog and the owner benefit from training.
● It’s for their own safety.
● It assists your dog in being more sociable.
● To avoid Problematic Behaviours.

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Will training make my dog behave better?

Yes, it can! The key to successful training is consistency. It may take some time to attain the desired outcomes. However, once you are consistent and committed to it, you will see the positive impact. I was committed to training my dog, and even after a few uses, I could already see that my dog started barking less.

Fear, separation anxiety, attention needs, or hostility can all lead to destructive behaviour, and training strategies and tools can help you stop it. This is why adopting a dog training tool like the BarxBuddy Dog Training Device can be beneficial to both you and your dog.

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The Spanish esports market is looking up with an ever-increasing market base. Spain has become one of Europe’s reference countries for esports as the country has contributed majorly to the development of the game in the ecosystem. 

 Spain’s esports players have also contributed to the game’s growing popularity. Their dedication, teamwork, and passion have put the country on the map. One of the players at the forefront of redefining the Spanish esports industry is Jesús Bullón Penco. 

Jesús Bullón Penco is popularly known by his nickname ByJesuxEsP. He has been actively involved in esports since he was 17 years old. Read on to learn how Jesús is redefining the esports industry. 


Jesús is a former professional player and current electronic sports coach in esports. He has professionally dedicated himself to the Rocket League video game since 2018. Jesús has been a player from 2017 to 2020 and a coach from 2020 to 2022.

Jesus started esports in 2015 with the Rocket League video game. At the time, he was studying and hadn’t thought of dedicating himself to the game. In 2016 there was a Rocket League tournament for beginners, and Jesús decided to go. He ended up in the third position after losing to one of the best players in Spain by a small margin. Jesús played the game for fun, but after the tournament, he began to put in more effort and hours, which helped him reach higher levels. 

Since 2015, Jesús has made major milestones in the game. He has been in several well-known teams starting with Wizards Club in 2018, Besiktas in 2019, Team Queso in 2020, and Vodafone Giants in 2021.

Jesús has been a European champion and runner-up in the RLCS(The most essential rocket league competition). He has also been the regional red bull champion in 2018 and 5 times champion of Spain, the last one in December 2021, 3 months ago.


Jesus has redefined the esports industry as a player and as a coach. As a player, he is acknowledged as the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS). He participated in the Tokyo Olympics via the so-called Intel World Open. Jesus held the first and second positions in the ESL Masters España Season 5 (2019), the Movistar eSports Series (2019), and the ESL Masters España Season 5 – Promotion Playoffs (2019). 

Jesus has been in several well-known teams starting with Wizards Club in 2018, Besiktas in 2019, Team Queso in 2020, and Vodafone Giants in 2021.

Jesus has also redefined the esports landscape as a coach. He first coached Team Queso, and the team participated in the RLCS Season X – winter: EU Regional Event 2. The team also participated in the EU majors in 2021. They were the first team with all the Spanish members to win an RLCS European Championship and qualify for a World Cup.

Jesus also represented Spain as a coach in the Tokyo Olympics of 2020. His team finished third place after eliminating Italy in the quarters and losing against Holland in the semifinals of the EU West.


Jesus’ professional dedication has helped him play an active role in redefining Spain’s esports industry. He has played and coached several teams throughout his career. His success has won him the title “Champion of the Rocket League.” We are certain that Jesus will continue to redefine the Spanish esports landscape.


Jennifer Hernandez, a keynote speaker, mentor, and professional mortgage officer, embodies how a positive mind shift can help you rise above the storms of life. Born in an environment skewed to favor men, nobody believed in her potential and that she could be anybody in life. She had straight f’s sophomore year in high school and was kicked out and sent to an alternative school and worked her way up to be a mortgage loan officer, which allowed her to fulfill her passion for helping others thru homeownership. She, however, got caught up in the mortgage crash and lost everything  

Being the sole breadwinner of her family due to her divorce from her husband, her life became unbearable, leaving her broke. Jennifer refused to allow her suffering to define her destiny. She discovered that no one can stop you from rising again except you. The mental resolve you make in times of crisis determines your destiny. You have a choice you can keep digging a deeper hole, or you can rise up and know this is far from the end.  The choice is yours!

Jennifer’s Success Guide

  • Separate from negative critics. 

Separating from people who view you negatively offers an opportunity for the healing process. Other people’s opinions about you should not direct your life path. Avoid doing things to please people by living within your means and doing what you love.

  • The greatest enemy in the attainment of your goals is you. 

No one can stop or limit what you can achieve except yourself. You need to learn to avoid being unfairly judgmental of your mistakes.

  1. Align yourself with the right people. 

You need to align yourself with individuals who give positive critics that challenge you to perform to your full potential. Proper mentorship from persons who have passed the same challenges as you boost confidence that it’s doable and possible. People who only see your negative side and how you cannot achieve your goals need to be avoided. 

  1. Learn from your mistakes. 

Evaluating why you failed and what you could have done differently to avoid the tragedy helps you take necessary corrective measures. You need to take failure positively to guide you on what to avoid in the future. 

  1. Know your strengths. 

You are uniquely created in terms of potential. Discover your talent and use it as strength does carve out your niche. Offering ideal solutions to your customers’ challenges should be your distinguishing factor. You, however, should avoid comparing your potential with those of others to avoid killing your attitude. 

Reaching The World Through Storytelling

Today, Jennifer is on the journey to be one of the top branches in the country for mortgages in the FHA market as well as Renovation. Her storytelling has also gone to a whole new level, and she is starting her first conference to impact and motivate people, inspiring them to be great. She wants to share real people’s stories like hers, and she feels that that hard journey is inspiring and motivational. 

Additionally, she will be launching her book this year, intending to be one of the best sellers.

Wrap up

Your current situation is not definitive of your destiny. Maintenance of a proper mindset and attitude are the factors that determine your fate. It would be best if you connected with mentors like Jennifer Hernandez to get real-life skills to overcome yourself, an essential tool in achieving your goals. For more information, connect with Jennifer Hernandez  


Healing is always a complex process. In that journey of the ‘healer,’ the mind plays a significant role. Surprisingly, most hurting people don’t even know that they need healing. However, Marilyn Julia Brown has been at the forefront of raising awareness about healing your body, mind, and spirit. 

All human beings have a great potential to heal from their past traumas. As the title of this article says, when it comes to finding healing and establishing a long-lasting positive shift, it’s not what you think. The conscious thinking of our mind is often limited and incorrect. Our truth is mainly based on subconscious programs and emotions. Therefore to heal, invest in yourself. Enjoy the present and be enthusiastic about the future; it is not simply what you think will make a difference. 

Take Your Thoughts To Another Level Of Awareness

Healing starts when we take our initial thoughts to a whole new level of awareness, where we feel different and confident about ourselves and honestly believe it. One of the ways you can bring your awareness to another level is through mindful meditation. This meditation is where you focus intensely on being conscious of what you are feeling at the moment without judgment or interpretation. Mindful meditation may involve guided imagery, breathing methods, and other practices to relax the mind and body and help reduce stress. 

Learning mindfulness meditation is straightforward to practice on your own. However, a teacher or program can also help you get started, primarily if you practice meditation for specific health reasons. 

Marilyn, an intuitive healer, and a family therapist, launched Liberated Well LLC, where she provides accessible soul/mind/body-centered digital wellness resources to aid folks in healing from trauma and returning home to themselves. 

Why You Need To Invest In Yourself

Something else that can help you heal is by investing in yourself. Investing in both your body and mind can allow you to have more to give now and in the future. When you take considerable time to invest in yourself, you also boost your confidence and feel a sense of accomplishment. By taking a step in investing in yourself, whether it is working towards your health and fitness goal or signing up for a class, you are advancing towards your healing. 

For instance, in 2015, Marilyn was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis; she chose to invest in her practice for the first time and joined a yoga studio. She quickly fell in love with how powerful the practice was, not just to improve physical strength and flexibility but to impact her mental wellness overall. 

Marilyn completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training with My Vinyasa Practice. She is also a certified reiki master and crystal healer who has successfully treated her clients’ lifelong addictive behavior patterns and trauma using her energy-healing tools. 

Wrap Up

Marilyn’s mission is to connect each person to the powerful well of healing energy that lives within them to promote collective healing across the planet. She believes true healing must address the mind, soul, and body. 

For more information, you can connect with Marilyn on the links below;

Website, Instagram Podcast: Twitter LinkedIn


If you’re a start-up in the fashion industry, you may wonder how you get to the top of the fashion game. This industry is highly competitive, with an estimated market value of $1.9 trillion. There are numerous high clothing brands and fashion houses to compete with. You may feel that it would be difficult to earn in the tough market as you’re new. 

But fortune favors the bold. The reality is that you can make waves in this highly competitive niche. Read on to uncover how fashion entrepreneur Cesar Cruz managed to build his fashion empire and maintain it as one of the top brands in the fashion industry. 


Cesar Cruz, or as he is popularly known as Rickie Cruz, is a famous entrepreneur in luxury fashion for men. He founded Sebastian Cruz Couture with his wife, Natasha, in 2014. 

Cesar entered the market by selling unique pocket squares. From the onset, he managed to win over thousands of luxury buyers with his linen pocket squares that were perfect in every way. After that, he introduced dinner jackets, bold shirts, and bow ties. 


Cesar is one of the few entrepreneurs who focussed on an eCommerce store instead of a brick-and-mortar. It is common for fashion brands, particularly high-end ones, to shop at some high-end locations. But Cesar and his wife focused on eCommerce and set out to build the best fashion eCommerce store in the market. 

Cesar also understood the value of automation and used it to his advantage. He states that back in 2014, there were few bots, with the popular ones being Ninja Pinner as an example. At the time, Instagram didn’t really limit how many likes or followers a brand could have. Cesar set up bots to manage over 300 of his online accounts. He threw the word Pocket Square on his platforms. On Instagram, Cesar set up the phrase “at the Pocket Square Industry” as his Instagram page title. He saw followers on his Instagram grow to over 20k followers in a brief moment. 

Cesar committed to regularly placing products on his online platforms. He posted a white Paisley dinner jacket when they decided to get into garments. He wore a jacket with a yellow gold Rolex and a white with yellow gold border pocket square. The post was an instant hit, as Cesar ended up with over 100 pre-orders. Clients sent him archaic measurements plus a credit card authorization form via paper. 

From the onset, Cesar and Natasha were passionate about building a brand that’s completely innovative, bold, and fearless. They wanted to enter the market with something really unique. They went to Isa Couture Fabric company in Miami and deep downtown Miami to look for a designer that would help them mass-produce hand-crocheted pocket squares. 

Cesar also prioritizes customer value. He states that over 45% of his revenue comes from repeat customers. Cesar believes that a business is a relationship, and it is an excuse to build a relationship with the customer by the end of the day. He says that if any business wants to scale, it must set the foundation of valuing the customer. Cesar says that “the foundation usually has nothing to do with the product or service you are selling, but by the experience and execution you plan to deliver.” 

So there you have it, the four secrets behind Sebastian Cruz Couture’s success are:

  1. Make an excellent eCommerce site. 
  2. Automation across all platforms, including social media. 
  3. Enter the market with a unique product. 
  4. Prioritize customer value. 

Feel free to check out Cesar’s bold fashion outfits from his website.


Changing content in 2-3 minutes to run a Flash Sale? Is this possible? 

Even for the most successful brands, it typically takes hours to produce and run a flash sale.  By the time the flash sale is live, all immediacy is lost.  There has to be a better way.  There is! 

There is now real-time marketing technology designed to connect businesses to a targeted audience through social channels and smartphones.  This revolutionary real-time dynamic marketing comes from an innovator who has made his living online full-time for more than 23 years. 

The founder is Jim Clouse, a pioneer in online mapping who received a patent on real-time marketing on October 20, 2020. The world’s first & only real-time dynamic real-time engine is named ClikitySplit.  ClikitySplit is also the world’s fastest vertical search engine–1,000 times faster than Google!

The Founder

Jim Clouse is the icon who invented real-time marketing.  Real-time marketing turns ordinary advertisers into savvy marketers by empowering them to immediately respond to deteriorating traffic conditions to run enticing Flash Sales in just 2-3 minutes.  

Jim has been enhancing the online and mobile marketing experience since 1998.  His first website, nashvilleNOW.com, was designed to capture everything to do in his hometown of Nashville, TN.  NashvilleNOW visually displayed search results via GPS, a little-known feature in the early days of the internet.   

In June 2001, Jim released hotelmotelNOW.com, which again displayed search results visually on static maps instead of textually, like the search engines still do.  HotelmotelNOW uniquely provided sorting of search results by price by just tapping.  HotelmotelNOW was released a full four years before Google Maps.

Jim quickly realized that displaying search results visually gave those points of interest tremendous visual marketing power.  Thus the idea for ClikitySplit.  However, it took nearly 10 years for the technology to catch up with the idea.

On October 15, 2007, Jim filed a patent application for real-time marketing.   He had to appeal his application all the way to the USPTO appeals board, which ruled totally in his favor in June 2020.  His patent on real-time marketing was issued on October 2020.

About ClikitySplit

ClikitySplit possesses revolutionary mobile marketing tools, including:

  • all “push” advertising prohibited
  • the end user is in total control of his mobile experience, solely determining what displays on his small mobile screen and how long it is displayed
  • 99.9% tapping, not typing
  • typing is only required to change the default map that displays at login based on the end user’s current GPS location
  • no keyword search
  • searches take only 3-5 seconds, with all spam eliminated
  • no requirement to start a brand new search to change categories (e.g. Restaurants → Retail/Shopping) or subcategories (e.g. Steak → Seafood) 
  • you just tap the new category and/or subcategory, with the new search results immediately displayed on the same map where the previous search results were displayed
  • changes to the business’s rich, multimedia mobile website take just 2-3 minutes
  • quick and easy comparison of competing businesses within the same category and subcategory
  • ClikitySplit captures true “narrowcast analytics”, advising business management to which of their marketing endeavors returned a positive ROI and which ones were a waste of time and money

ClikitySplit’s patented real-time dynamic marketing tools provide businesses of all sizes with a decided advantage over their competitors by empowering them to change their content in real-time in 2-3 minutes to differentiate their business, out-foxing and out-marketing their competitors. These real-time marketing tools are robust, easy-to-implement, easy-to-use, and quick-to-update–everything a savvy marketer needs to differentiate his business.

How Real-Time Mobile Marketing Tools Work

ClikitySplit teaches savvy marketers how to differentiate their business by running Flash Sales and other sales incentives to generate excitement and drive traffic. Businesses of every size, including the one-person mom-and-pop, build their rich multimedia website in 20-25 minutes with ClikitySplit’s step-by-step wizard using all the rich multimedia tools available today, including videos, audios, slideshows, and the scrolling ticker marketing message that appears under the slideshow.

Once built, the content of the business’s proprietary “dynamic billboards” can be changed in 2-3 minutes.  

Each time the dynamic billboard is changed, notifications are immediately pushed to the business’s Facebook timeline, Twitter feed, and,  on an opt-in basis, to the business’s follower’s smartphones.

Why You Need To Differentiate

Differentiation is the key to business success.  The key to differentiation is real-time marketing.

Real-time marketing IS the future because it turns ordinary advertisers into savvy marketers by empowering them to change their content in real-time to run enticing special sales promotions or respond to deteriorating business conditions, exciting their followers and filling those empty seats and stores.

For example, all restaurants have a dead time after lunch and before Happy Hour.  Using ClikitySplit, savvy marketers run time-sensitive “Hot Deals” Flash Sales to drive traffic.  Once the content is changed, notifications are immediately pushed to the business’s Facebook, Twitter feed, and smartphones, exciting its followers and filling those empty seats and stores.

For any point of interest to display on a ClikitySplit map, the POI’s GPS coordinates must fall within the displayed map’s GPS coordinates.  As a result, ClikitySplit captures every end-user interaction with the POI’s dynamic billboard.  Capturing narrowcast analytics is one of Jim’s recently-patented claims.

At midnight, ClikitySplit emails the true narrowcast analytics to business management, advising them which of their marketing endeavors returned a positive return on investment and which ones were a waste of time and money.  By tying these true narrowcast analytics into the business’s point of sale system, for the first time in history, the redemption loop is closed.

ClikitySplit not only empowers savvy marketers to differentiate their business from competitors, but it also proves that its real-time marketing tools work via true “narrowcast analytics”.

In the Final Analysis…

ClikitySplit greatly enriches the end-user experience with unique sorting features, speed, and the ability to change categories and subcategories by just tapping. ClikitySplit prohibits all push advertising. 

Businesses of all sizes need to seize all sales opportunities by differentiating their business. They must learn how to “out-fox and out-market” their competitors. And that is exactly what ClikitySplit teaches them. It then becomes the survival of the savviest. The winners are savvy marketers and end-users who benefit from businesses competing against each other to offer special sales promotions that seize attention and earn the end users’ patronage.

See ClikitySplit in Action

To see ClikitySplit in action, tap https://ClikitySplit.com/merebulles.

For additional information and to sign up for a Zoom demonstration, view https://smallbusinessnetwork.tv, which is powered by ClikitySplit, or view the six videos located at https://ClikitySplit.com/teachsmbs.


The number of successful young entrepreneurs is gradually rising with impeccable ways of earning. According to the Global Entrepreneur Report, BNP Paribas polled almost 3,000 multimillionaire entrepreneurs 35 years and below in 18 countries. The report also showed that these entrepreneurs are taking a different business approach from older generations. This different approach is primarily to their ambitions and leadership styles. 

These entrepreneurs make others of their age rethink their financial decisions. They make people camp on their social platforms to see their way of living, what they do differently, and their enthusiasm for working smartly. One man at the age of 32 and making waves in the real estate industry is among those to inspire you to be who you want. His guide is especially in achieving financial independence through real estate. 

About Thomas Cruz

Thomas Cruz is a real estate investor and coach who trains people to start and scale their property portfolio. He is the owner and partner of CashFlow Pros, a real estate company in the US. Besides, Thomas is an expert in affordable single-family housing properties. He buys single-family properties and rents them out to subsidized government-sponsored programs. Besides that, he educates people on how to get started in real estate. You can quickly get started in real estate with the professional guidance of Thomas Cruz. 

The Journey to Amassing A Fortune

Thomas Cruz is originally from Rio De Janeiro in Brazil but moved to the US at 5. He grew up in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He has had a determined personality and a business mind from an early stage in life. And that is not all, as Cruz had dreams and acted on them while in high school. His journey is purely about hard work and taking chances when he can. Thomas Cruz also started with the resources he had and according to his capabilities. He began by selling Pokemon cards and drop shipping from Amazon, eBay, and others while in high school and college. 

He accumulated funds to buy a condo after graduating from the University of North Carolina. He also made a wise choice by renting it out about a year later, and that is how he gained momentum in his entrepreneurial journey. With the funds he generated from a marketing side hustle and wholesaling properties, he bought another property. He subsequently kept reinvesting and buying more single-family homes. 

He then started to partner with higher net-worth individuals, which made him grow. He began buying significantly more homes. He ultimately did cash-out refinances, buying out his partners, to having hundreds of single-family properties by himself at 32. 

Thomas Cruz Milestones

Thomas has so far completed over 100 real estate transactions at 32. When he was 30, he made an incredible stride by buying 92 single-family homes for $6 million and sold them for $10 million 18 months later. Thomas currently owns hundreds of single-family properties in North Carolina. He has a monthly lead of over 100 clients. He also has a massive following of 600,000 people on TikTok and thousands on Instagram, where he showcases his business.

Thomas Cruz Business Model

Thomas Cruz has beaten the ordinary in the real estate industry, specializing in condos or single-family properties. His business model is quite interesting, where he buys such property and rents them out to subsidized government-sponsored programs. 

Besides that, he enlightens people on how to get started in real estate. With just a tiny investment, you can get started in real estate with Thomas Cruz’s professional help. It will help if you access his training to get the best out of financial independence in real estate from how to get started. His program goes for $500 per hour of coaching or consulting in return for incredible services.


Looking at Thomas Cruz’s achievements, you can notably say that he is a great expert and notoriety person. It would thus help anyone willing to invest or get into real estate to seek his insights. Again, with 5.34 million homes sold in 2019, according to the National Association of Realtors, it is worth getting into real estate. You can follow Thomas Cruz on Instagram or Tiktok.


Doesn’t that title just grate on your nerves? You might not even read this post because of it!

Your customers and viewers expect your content to be engaging, useful, and edited properly so there are no typos, grammatical errors, or misspellings.

With so many apps out there for checking your copy, it should be a breeze to get it done right the first time.

But any experienced copy and/or content writer will tell you it doesn’t work that way.

Spellcheck is not infallible. Homonyms lurk around every sentence, ready to make your copy look imbecilic.

So do two things:

First, proofread all your copy yourself before sending it out.

Second, have another person proof it as well. Familiarity not only breeds contempt, but it breeds carelessness as well.

Otherwise, you are going to get some facepalms. (Hey, did you catch that mistake in the last sentence?)


In the Good Old Days, a pair of shoes could be worn for years because when they started to get down at the heels, you took them down to the little old shoe repair shop on the corner and had them resoled, etc.

But today, we usually just throw them out or donate them to a thrift store.

If you’ve been racking your brains to come up with new and engaging content for your social media, instead of initiating a massive search for brand-new material, go back to your own material from a year or six months ago.

Look at the analytics. Those posts that did well initially can be repaired, updated, and recycled.

Most of your previous quality content contains nuggets of gold that you didn’t fully exploit the first time around. Expand on them now.

Get those old shoes fixed up; don’t just throw them out!