Most families in America aren’t sparing almost enough. While cutting spending is normal guidance for those hoping to venture up reserve funds, it’s essential to likewise center around the opposite side of the earning.

The more you acquire, the more cash you’ll have access to put something aside for retirement, a rainy day account, and the various things you ought to put something aside for, yet likely isn’t. Also, the uplifting news is while there’s a breaking point to the amount you can cut spending, there’s no restriction to how much additional you can earn.

All in all, how might you support your profit to get the wage important to achieve money-related objectives? Consider the following tips:


According to a survey, 56% of employers don’t arrange their compensation, with the greater part of workers demonstrating they feel uneasy requesting more cash. Not negotiating is a big misstep. Of those workers who begin with a lowball offer, in excess of a quarter demonstrated their underlying offer was, at any rate, $5,000 short of what they anticipated that would at last pay another contract.


According to a survey, Right around 33% of respondents demonstrated they were frightened to negotiate pay due to the danger of losing a job by requesting more. Yet, this is just a genuine hazard in case you’re not much capable or if a worker feels they can, without much of a stretch, locate a practically identical candidate who will acknowledge less. The more crucial you are, and the more sought after your skills, the more cash you can request without a work offer being revoked. You’re likewise more prone to be offered higher pay at first or to be given more liberal raises in case you’re viewed as the best hire or in the event that you’ve proved you’re an employee your organization wouldn’t like to lose. 


In 2015, employees with a professional education earned 56% more than representatives with just a secondary school certificate. Advanced education can support pay significantly more, with post-graduate qualification holders winning somewhere in the range of 36% to 89% more than their partners who have just college degrees.

Education is costly. But, obtaining qualifications and adapting new aptitudes can make you more employable and lift your profit, as long as you pick a useful field. In the modern age, you can get your online Ph.D. degrees that will help you get a better job in the future.


The vast majority have just a single source of pay which is their job, so the loss of work is financially destructive. You don’t need to depend on your essential employment as your solitary source of earning. You can and should have different sources of cash coming in. One extraordinary choice is to build an easy revenue stream or pay you don’t need to successfully procure. Putting resources into bonds, stocks, and land is only a couple of key approaches to having cash come in without attempting to earn it.

Consider the above-described tips. You will see an amazing boost in your income.


Owning a business is one thing, and succeeding in the fast-paced business environment is another. For any business looking to remain on the top and have cutting-edge competition, there’s the need to ensure liquidity. With rising business expenses and declining cash flows, businesses are slowly becoming less efficient in managing their affairs. For this reason, it is becoming increasingly important to find a business-funding partner to help businesses, especially those in the retail industry, in order to keep up with the challenges. 

The good news is that Platinum Rapid Funding is here to you move through the tough financial times through its progressive financial solutions. Platinum Rapid Funding has been here for years, helping both small and medium-sized businesses have unconditional access to working capital to help them meet their cash requirements. Here are some of the ways Platinum Rapid Funding can help you as you focus on remaining on the top of your business: 

Expert team of Professionals

You need a financial institution that has the kind of talent and specialty like no other. This is what you get from Platinum Rapid Funding.  These professionals provide customized services with the utmost respect. They offer top-notch customer service, and they will be there for you every step of the way.

Expedited Processing of the Funding Application 

Platinum Rapid Funding offers its clients clear and fast funding applications and processing. They have an online platform that allows you to apply for funding and get reviewed within 24 hours. This means they ensure fast turn-around times, allowing you to capitalize on your business as fast as possible. 

Structured Financial Solutions

The Group specializes in structured financial solutions called merchant funding. This is a financial solution that is designed to help businesses to discount their future receivables for immediate cash. You can expect to get funding from as little as $5,000 to a whopping $5 million with flexible repayment terms (e.g. 21-250 days). Every business that sells on credit understands that receivables are business assets that can be converted into cash, but this can sometimes be challenging if you do not have a third party who’s willing to work with you to help you remain afloat. This is where Platinum Rapid Funding comes in handy to help resolve such a financial stalemate. 

A Trusted Partner Regardless of Your Credit Rating

Platinum Rapid Funding can be that resort when traditional funding options are not available or when you are looking for fast cash. While traditional lenders may offer credit card loans, such options can take weeks to be approved. Where you have a bad credit rating, many lenders may be hesitant to advance you a loan, but Platinum Rapid Funding will approve your application within hours despite your bad credit score. Merchant cash advances are designed to be repaid from card sales and future credit cards. The Group will discuss with you the best option for repaying the loan depending on your firm’s ability to repay.

The Bottom line

If your entrepreneurial dream seems to be withering off because of a lack of enough funding, you certainly are despairing and do not know where to run for help. Look no further since Platinum Rapid Funding Group (PRFG) exists to help people like you realize their entrepreneurial potential by helping them access capital. By ensuring fast approvals, and flexible operations, retail businesses looking for money can easily stay afloat and beat the ever-changing cash flow needs.


Video marketing is a great strategy to enhance the SEO of your website and to stand out from your online competitors since your site has more chances of being ranked by Google’s search engine if it contains videos.

In fact, there are 4 main elements that could turn in your favor if you are smart enough to combine the benefits of video marketing and SEO

First of all, videos attract more online traffic. According to Cisco, videos will generate 81% of the total online traffic by 2021.

Since there are many people visiting your site and watching your video, the odds are that other people with similar searches will click on your website too.

As a consequence, Google will rank your site on top of its results list because it sees that you have high incoming traffic.

Secondly, your website has more chances of getting backlinks if it has videos. 

In case you didn’t know, backlinks are crucial concerning a website’s SEO. This happens because Google considers that someone else promoting your content is a key element to ranking it.

A better UX is our third benefit. This is how it works: people spend more time on websites containing videos,  therefore, Google assumes that your site provides a great user experience and ranks you on top of its results page.

Finally, videos get very high engagement levels, and this helps businesses increase conversions and gain more customers.


We at F.H. Cann and Associates Inc. have joined forces with the #DontBeFooled campaign to help people learn about some of the most concerning loan scams around. We recognize that many people might be interested in various loan offers, especially if they sound beneficial.

But the online world has made it easier for people to be scammed by these loans. Any scammer can get online and tell you something interesting, but that party will steal your data and rob you of thousands in the worst cases.

We want you to be aware of some of the more common loan scams around. Here’s a look at what to watch for when finding a useful loan for any purpose.


Some scammers may claim you are eligible for loan forgiveness. But those scammers aren’t fully aware of your current case. You can only qualify for loan forgiveness if you meet certain rules established by a loan provider.

Groups that say you are eligible for forgiveness at any point will scam you out of your money. It is one of those “too good to be true” scams you’ll come across when looking for loans.

Student loan scams are on the rise! If someone tells you that you are eligible for loan forgiveness without even being familiar with your case, it’s probably a scam. #DontBeFooled protect yourself and report illegal activity. Visit https://t.co/fUbQGgOWLS for more info. pic.twitter.com/yJnE9o2Jyj

— FH Cann & Associates (@fhcann) April 30, 2021


Many scammers will claim you need to spend a fee to get access to certain loan programs. But the fees these scammers will charge may be exorbitant and may lead you to loans that aren’t as favorable as what you can get without extra fees.


Scammers will request you send sensitive pieces of info like:

  • Your Social Security Number or another identifying number
  • Details on your bank account, including your routing number
  • Info on whatever loans you have now, including passwords for your current loan servicer

A scammer will steal your data and use it to access your money. You could lose thousands of dollars depending on what the scammer does with your account.


Many loan scams can come from providers that aren’t fully visible. There are many common concerns to watch for in these loan scams:

  • Some scammers may not have physical addresses listed on their websites.
  • Scammers often use unsecured websites. Your data won’t be protected or secure on one of these sites.
  • Some places may also require you to send a prepaid credit card out to qualify for a loan. You likely won’t get that card back after a while.
  • Many scammers may also not be registered in your state. They might come from a different state and want to promote something to you, even if whatever they have isn’t useful.

These scammers will be more interested in gathering your personal data than they will be in helping you with your financial situation. Be aware of these points if you want to keep from losing money.

All these scams are worrisome concerns, but you can avoid loan scams with common sense and by looking at some of the most common signs of these scams. Our team at F.H. Cann and Associates Inc. wants you to stay safe when finding loans and ensuring you can keep your finances under control.


The Holidays are a retailer’s best friend and worst enemy. When planned for ahead of time, they will provide a solid bottom line for the rest of the financial year; when neglected until the last minute, they can be stressful and disappointing.

Your holiday selling will be much less stressful and much more profitable if you take heed of these five merchandising/marketing areas long before the snow flies:

A landing page that’s obscure, difficult to navigate, and too cluttered with unimportant information is going to discourage traffic, not redirect it to purchasing portals.

Try subscribing to yourself to see how easy or frustrating it is. Then make the appropriate changes.

Keep your in-house chain of command clear and direct so there’s no confusion or conflict on who is authorized to access and/or change the landing page and other venues when they need updating and tweaking.

Just one click to capture information after the consumer has provided it. Any more than that, and they will abandon like crazy.

List breakdowns are essential so that grandma isn’t sent the same material as her Millennial grandson.

Never trust a landing site to work smoothly for more than a week at a time; have someone constantly watching and testing so glitches can be resolved immediately. This also cuts down customer care problems considerably.

The next step is to maximize your email effectiveness:

Make your Call to Action prominent but not overly aggressive. You want the reader to know it’s there but not become irritated or feel threatened or puzzled by it.

Standardized brand names keep readers from becoming confused about what product they are reading about. If one page says “New and Improved Whiz Bang” and another page says “Vanilla-flavored Whiz Bang”, they may just give up on the whole thing and move on to your competitor, “KaBoom”.

Marketing psychology dictates that your return policy be prominent in your emails, which may seem counter-intuitive — why give potential customers the suggestion that they will be returning something? But just the reverse is true; when consumers see a simple and reassuring return policy, they are more apt to trust the brand and feel secure in dealing with your company.

Review past holiday campaigns. Review what worked and what flopped. Can you recycle the flops as well as the previous successes? Recycle your mistakes after fixing them up. It’ll save time and effort, and a little bit of money.

Sure, it’s hard to know what the hot items are going to be in December when it’s only September. But you’ve got to make that commitment. Look at last year’s sales and merchandising figures and put your best people on prognosticating what’s going to be hot this holiday season. Then go for it. The worst that can happen is that you’ll still make sales — just not enough to buy that yacht you’ve always wanted.

Have a Plan B tucked away. Blizzards, strikes, comets, politics, earthquakes, viral trends, personal and personnel problems — the Holidays are rife with unexpected emergencies that may completely upset your main merchandizing plan. So have a second plan in your back pocket ready to go. Have it fully fleshed out, not just some hazy idea.

Your IT people always seem to fall apparent as the holiday’s approach. It’s a Murphy’s Law type of deal: “The closer the holidays, the harder it is to reach IT and get them to do anything.” So plan now for inevitable link breaks and landing page downtime. Have some second-string IT people you can call on when your first line of defense goes Christmas shopping for six days straight and can’t be reached.

Start instant replay as soon as the season is over. Don’t wait until next summer to start reviewing sales stats and traffic flow. Look at the clicks and the response to CTAs as soon as things have settled down again. Get a firm idea of what you’ll need to change, need to increase, need to decrease for next season. Then get started on those changes. The longest journey begins with the first step; the best marketing campaigns start with a little real-time Google Analytics.