Healing is always a complex process. In that journey of the ‘healer,’ the mind plays a significant role. Surprisingly, most hurting people don’t even know that they need healing. However, Marilyn Julia Brown has been at the forefront of raising awareness about healing your body, mind, and spirit. 

All human beings have a great potential to heal from their past traumas. As the title of this article says, when it comes to finding healing and establishing a long-lasting positive shift, it’s not what you think. The conscious thinking of our mind is often limited and incorrect. Our truth is mainly based on subconscious programs and emotions. Therefore to heal, invest in yourself. Enjoy the present and be enthusiastic about the future; it is not simply what you think will make a difference. 

Take Your Thoughts To Another Level Of Awareness

Healing starts when we take our initial thoughts to a whole new level of awareness, where we feel different and confident about ourselves and honestly believe it. One of the ways you can bring your awareness to another level is through mindful meditation. This meditation is where you focus intensely on being conscious of what you are feeling at the moment without judgment or interpretation. Mindful meditation may involve guided imagery, breathing methods, and other practices to relax the mind and body and help reduce stress. 

Learning mindfulness meditation is straightforward to practice on your own. However, a teacher or program can also help you get started, primarily if you practice meditation for specific health reasons. 

Marilyn, an intuitive healer, and a family therapist, launched Liberated Well LLC, where she provides accessible soul/mind/body-centered digital wellness resources to aid folks in healing from trauma and returning home to themselves. 

Why You Need To Invest In Yourself

Something else that can help you heal is by investing in yourself. Investing in both your body and mind can allow you to have more to give now and in the future. When you take considerable time to invest in yourself, you also boost your confidence and feel a sense of accomplishment. By taking a step in investing in yourself, whether it is working towards your health and fitness goal or signing up for a class, you are advancing towards your healing. 

For instance, in 2015, Marilyn was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis; she chose to invest in her practice for the first time and joined a yoga studio. She quickly fell in love with how powerful the practice was, not just to improve physical strength and flexibility but to impact her mental wellness overall. 

Marilyn completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training with My Vinyasa Practice. She is also a certified reiki master and crystal healer who has successfully treated her clients’ lifelong addictive behavior patterns and trauma using her energy-healing tools. 

Wrap Up

Marilyn’s mission is to connect each person to the powerful well of healing energy that lives within them to promote collective healing across the planet. She believes true healing must address the mind, soul, and body. 

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