Jennifer Hernandez, a keynote speaker, mentor, and professional mortgage officer, embodies how a positive mind shift can help you rise above the storms of life. Born in an environment skewed to favor men, nobody believed in her potential and that she could be anybody in life. She had straight f’s sophomore year in high school and was kicked out and sent to an alternative school and worked her way up to be a mortgage loan officer, which allowed her to fulfill her passion for helping others thru homeownership. She, however, got caught up in the mortgage crash and lost everything  

Being the sole breadwinner of her family due to her divorce from her husband, her life became unbearable, leaving her broke. Jennifer refused to allow her suffering to define her destiny. She discovered that no one can stop you from rising again except you. The mental resolve you make in times of crisis determines your destiny. You have a choice you can keep digging a deeper hole, or you can rise up and know this is far from the end.  The choice is yours!

Jennifer’s Success Guide

  • Separate from negative critics. 

Separating from people who view you negatively offers an opportunity for the healing process. Other people’s opinions about you should not direct your life path. Avoid doing things to please people by living within your means and doing what you love.

  • The greatest enemy in the attainment of your goals is you. 

No one can stop or limit what you can achieve except yourself. You need to learn to avoid being unfairly judgmental of your mistakes.

  1. Align yourself with the right people. 

You need to align yourself with individuals who give positive critics that challenge you to perform to your full potential. Proper mentorship from persons who have passed the same challenges as you boost confidence that it’s doable and possible. People who only see your negative side and how you cannot achieve your goals need to be avoided. 

  1. Learn from your mistakes. 

Evaluating why you failed and what you could have done differently to avoid the tragedy helps you take necessary corrective measures. You need to take failure positively to guide you on what to avoid in the future. 

  1. Know your strengths. 

You are uniquely created in terms of potential. Discover your talent and use it as strength does carve out your niche. Offering ideal solutions to your customers’ challenges should be your distinguishing factor. You, however, should avoid comparing your potential with those of others to avoid killing your attitude. 

Reaching The World Through Storytelling

Today, Jennifer is on the journey to be one of the top branches in the country for mortgages in the FHA market as well as Renovation. Her storytelling has also gone to a whole new level, and she is starting her first conference to impact and motivate people, inspiring them to be great. She wants to share real people’s stories like hers, and she feels that that hard journey is inspiring and motivational. 

Additionally, she will be launching her book this year, intending to be one of the best sellers.

Wrap up

Your current situation is not definitive of your destiny. Maintenance of a proper mindset and attitude are the factors that determine your fate. It would be best if you connected with mentors like Jennifer Hernandez to get real-life skills to overcome yourself, an essential tool in achieving your goals. For more information, connect with Jennifer Hernandez  

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