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5 Holiday Marketing Tasks You Can’t Ignore

The Holidays are a retailer’s best friend, and worst enemy. When planned for ahead of time they will provide a solid bottom line for the rest of the financial year; when neglected until the last minute, they can be stressful and disappointing.   Your holiday selling will be much less stressful, and much more profitable,…
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Is your content trustworthy?

P.T. Barnum ran a museum in New York City 160 years ago that attracted huge crowds. The content of his museum included things like a stuffed mermaid; the world's oldest woman; and a live gorilla that Barnum claimed to be a man eater. But the huge crowds did not translate into trust of any kind.…
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What kind of content earns links?

Obviously, if you could post content that reads: "To be given a thousand dollars tax-free, or your choice of a free Mercedes Benz or Jaguar, click HERE", you would have the Perfect Link. With the giga-clicks to prove it. But more than likely your marketing manager would not go for this. Not even if he…
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