Owning a business is one thing, and succeeding in the fast-paced business environment is another. For any business looking to remain on the top and have cutting-edge competition, there’s the need to ensure liquidity. With rising business expenses and declining cash flows, businesses are slowly becoming less efficient in managing their affairs. For this reason, it is becoming increasingly important to find a business-funding partner to help businesses, especially those in the retail industry, in order to keep up with the challenges. 

The good news is that Platinum Rapid Funding is here to you move through the tough financial times through its progressive financial solutions. Platinum Rapid Funding has been here for years, helping both small and medium-sized businesses have unconditional access to working capital to help them meet their cash requirements. Here are some of the ways Platinum Rapid Funding can help you as you focus on remaining on the top of your business: 

Expert team of Professionals

You need a financial institution that has the kind of talent and specialty like no other. This is what you get from Platinum Rapid Funding.  These professionals provide customized services with the utmost respect. They offer top-notch customer service, and they will be there for you every step of the way.

Expedited Processing of the Funding Application 

Platinum Rapid Funding offers its clients clear and fast funding applications and processing. They have an online platform that allows you to apply for funding and get reviewed within 24 hours. This means they ensure fast turn-around times, allowing you to capitalize on your business as fast as possible. 

Structured Financial Solutions

The Group specializes in structured financial solutions called merchant funding. This is a financial solution that is designed to help businesses to discount their future receivables for immediate cash. You can expect to get funding from as little as $5,000 to a whopping $5 million with flexible repayment terms (e.g. 21-250 days). Every business that sells on credit understands that receivables are business assets that can be converted into cash, but this can sometimes be challenging if you do not have a third party who’s willing to work with you to help you remain afloat. This is where Platinum Rapid Funding comes in handy to help resolve such a financial stalemate. 

A Trusted Partner Regardless of Your Credit Rating

Platinum Rapid Funding can be that resort when traditional funding options are not available or when you are looking for fast cash. While traditional lenders may offer credit card loans, such options can take weeks to be approved. Where you have a bad credit rating, many lenders may be hesitant to advance you a loan, but Platinum Rapid Funding will approve your application within hours despite your bad credit score. Merchant cash advances are designed to be repaid from card sales and future credit cards. The Group will discuss with you the best option for repaying the loan depending on your firm’s ability to repay.

The Bottom line

If your entrepreneurial dream seems to be withering off because of a lack of enough funding, you certainly are despairing and do not know where to run for help. Look no further since Platinum Rapid Funding Group (PRFG) exists to help people like you realize their entrepreneurial potential by helping them access capital. By ensuring fast approvals, and flexible operations, retail businesses looking for money can easily stay afloat and beat the ever-changing cash flow needs.

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