Measure Your Content Marketing Campaign on the Micro Level

Counting page views or tallying bounce rates is how content marketing campaigns usually index the success of their strategy.

But the online marketing process is moving quickly past those benchmarks having any real meaning for your business goals.

The ways and means of getting eyeballs on your content haven't changed all that much, but the importance of those eyeballs, those unengaged and uncommitted eyeballs, has.


The era of content marketing window shopping is over. Anybody can pay a few dollars to get thousands of views on his or her site. So what?

What you want to have, and what you need to micro-measure, are goal-oriented results.

Your analytics should be directly tied to how many leads are generated each month or how many subscriptions you get to your newsletter each month, etc.

It takes a little tweaking, but your analytics can be tied to specific numbers. Then you'll know which content marketing strategies are working, and which need to be overhauled.

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