Creating content that sizzles is one thing; creating content that brings in traffic and leads is another.

While you always want your content to be high quality, you also want it to be engaging.

That may mean going out on a limb with something controversial.

Not vulgar or insulting, and certainly not libelous (as your own legal department will remind you) — but a post that gets people talking, even disagreeing, can be a powerful marketing tool.

Stay away from politics and religion. Period.

But try using content that expresses a minority view. If you’re selling eggs, for instance, post something against eggs. Surprise your viewers with information about how many is too many. That will get their attention.

Then, after your target market begins wondering, end it with some stout proof of how good eggs really are — in moderation. Your audience is reassured, and you’ve given them something to think about.

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