Keeping up a constant stream of quality content for your blog(s) can quickly lead to writer’s block or even complete burnout, where all you want to do is run screaming out of the house, smashing your laptop on the nearest rock, and head for Bali Hai, to loll on the beach collecting sea shells for the rest of your life.

But you won’t do that because you’re a professional. And professionals learn how to work smarter, not harder.

So when you start to feel that old burnout imp tickling you, do something different to rock your world for a brief period, shake up your brain, and prime those creative juices.

You could:

Eat at a new restaurant.

Contact an old friend you haven’t heard from in years.

Blow up a balloon or blow bubbles for ten minutes outside, where people can stare at you.

See if you can stand on your head for five minutes.

Tape a five-dollar bill to the nearest utility pole on a busy street, then step back to see what happens.

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