P.T. Barnum ran a museum in New York City 160 years ago that attracted huge crowds.

The content of his museum included things like a stuffed mermaid, the world’s oldest woman, and a live gorilla that Barnum claimed to be a man-eater.

But the huge crowds did not translate into the trust of any kind. People were more than willing to be entertained by his chicanery, but they wouldn’t trust him for a minute. When he attempted a legitimate commercial venture, he was laughed out of the city.

Is your content getting that way? Are you good at entertaining the consumer at the expense of their trusting your content?

To coin a cyber phrase: “All that glitters is not guaranteed”.

When consumers learn to trust your content, then they are ready to be converted into leads and sales. Until then, they’re only on your site to see the two-headed monkey.

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