Changing content in 2-3 minutes to run a Flash Sale? Is this possible? 

Even for the most successful brands, it typically takes hours to produce and run a flash sale.  By the time the flash sale is live, all immediacy is lost.  There has to be a better way.  There is! 

There is now real-time marketing technology designed to connect businesses to a targeted audience through social channels and smartphones.  This revolutionary real-time dynamic marketing comes from an innovator who has made his living online full-time for more than 23 years. 

The founder is Jim Clouse, a pioneer in online mapping who received a patent on real-time marketing on October 20, 2020. The world’s first & only real-time dynamic real-time engine is named ClikitySplit.  ClikitySplit is also the world’s fastest vertical search engine–1,000 times faster than Google!

The Founder

Jim Clouse is the icon who invented real-time marketing.  Real-time marketing turns ordinary advertisers into savvy marketers by empowering them to immediately respond to deteriorating traffic conditions to run enticing Flash Sales in just 2-3 minutes.  

Jim has been enhancing the online and mobile marketing experience since 1998.  His first website,, was designed to capture everything to do in his hometown of Nashville, TN.  NashvilleNOW visually displayed search results via GPS, a little-known feature in the early days of the internet.   

In June 2001, Jim released, which again displayed search results visually on static maps instead of textually, like the search engines still do.  HotelmotelNOW uniquely provided sorting of search results by price by just tapping.  HotelmotelNOW was released a full four years before Google Maps.

Jim quickly realized that displaying search results visually gave those points of interest tremendous visual marketing power.  Thus the idea for ClikitySplit.  However, it took nearly 10 years for the technology to catch up with the idea.

On October 15, 2007, Jim filed a patent application for real-time marketing.   He had to appeal his application all the way to the USPTO appeals board, which ruled totally in his favor in June 2020.  His patent on real-time marketing was issued on October 2020.

About ClikitySplit

ClikitySplit possesses revolutionary mobile marketing tools, including:

  • all “push” advertising prohibited
  • the end user is in total control of his mobile experience, solely determining what displays on his small mobile screen and how long it is displayed
  • 99.9% tapping, not typing
  • typing is only required to change the default map that displays at login based on the end user’s current GPS location
  • no keyword search
  • searches take only 3-5 seconds, with all spam eliminated
  • no requirement to start a brand new search to change categories (e.g. Restaurants → Retail/Shopping) or subcategories (e.g. Steak → Seafood) 
  • you just tap the new category and/or subcategory, with the new search results immediately displayed on the same map where the previous search results were displayed
  • changes to the business’s rich, multimedia mobile website take just 2-3 minutes
  • quick and easy comparison of competing businesses within the same category and subcategory
  • ClikitySplit captures true “narrowcast analytics”, advising business management to which of their marketing endeavors returned a positive ROI and which ones were a waste of time and money

ClikitySplit’s patented real-time dynamic marketing tools provide businesses of all sizes with a decided advantage over their competitors by empowering them to change their content in real-time in 2-3 minutes to differentiate their business, out-foxing and out-marketing their competitors. These real-time marketing tools are robust, easy-to-implement, easy-to-use, and quick-to-update–everything a savvy marketer needs to differentiate his business.

How Real-Time Mobile Marketing Tools Work

ClikitySplit teaches savvy marketers how to differentiate their business by running Flash Sales and other sales incentives to generate excitement and drive traffic. Businesses of every size, including the one-person mom-and-pop, build their rich multimedia website in 20-25 minutes with ClikitySplit’s step-by-step wizard using all the rich multimedia tools available today, including videos, audios, slideshows, and the scrolling ticker marketing message that appears under the slideshow.

Once built, the content of the business’s proprietary “dynamic billboards” can be changed in 2-3 minutes.  

Each time the dynamic billboard is changed, notifications are immediately pushed to the business’s Facebook timeline, Twitter feed, and,  on an opt-in basis, to the business’s follower’s smartphones.

Why You Need To Differentiate

Differentiation is the key to business success.  The key to differentiation is real-time marketing.

Real-time marketing IS the future because it turns ordinary advertisers into savvy marketers by empowering them to change their content in real-time to run enticing special sales promotions or respond to deteriorating business conditions, exciting their followers and filling those empty seats and stores.

For example, all restaurants have a dead time after lunch and before Happy Hour.  Using ClikitySplit, savvy marketers run time-sensitive “Hot Deals” Flash Sales to drive traffic.  Once the content is changed, notifications are immediately pushed to the business’s Facebook, Twitter feed, and smartphones, exciting its followers and filling those empty seats and stores.

For any point of interest to display on a ClikitySplit map, the POI’s GPS coordinates must fall within the displayed map’s GPS coordinates.  As a result, ClikitySplit captures every end-user interaction with the POI’s dynamic billboard.  Capturing narrowcast analytics is one of Jim’s recently-patented claims.

At midnight, ClikitySplit emails the true narrowcast analytics to business management, advising them which of their marketing endeavors returned a positive return on investment and which ones were a waste of time and money.  By tying these true narrowcast analytics into the business’s point of sale system, for the first time in history, the redemption loop is closed.

ClikitySplit not only empowers savvy marketers to differentiate their business from competitors, but it also proves that its real-time marketing tools work via true “narrowcast analytics”.

In the Final Analysis…

ClikitySplit greatly enriches the end-user experience with unique sorting features, speed, and the ability to change categories and subcategories by just tapping. ClikitySplit prohibits all push advertising. 

Businesses of all sizes need to seize all sales opportunities by differentiating their business. They must learn how to “out-fox and out-market” their competitors. And that is exactly what ClikitySplit teaches them. It then becomes the survival of the savviest. The winners are savvy marketers and end-users who benefit from businesses competing against each other to offer special sales promotions that seize attention and earn the end users’ patronage.

See ClikitySplit in Action

To see ClikitySplit in action, tap

For additional information and to sign up for a Zoom demonstration, view, which is powered by ClikitySplit, or view the six videos located at

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