The number of successful young entrepreneurs is gradually rising with impeccable ways of earning. According to the Global Entrepreneur Report, BNP Paribas polled almost 3,000 multimillionaire entrepreneurs 35 years and below in 18 countries. The report also showed that these entrepreneurs are taking a different business approach from older generations. This different approach is primarily to their ambitions and leadership styles. 

These entrepreneurs make others of their age rethink their financial decisions. They make people camp on their social platforms to see their way of living, what they do differently, and their enthusiasm for working smartly. One man at the age of 32 and making waves in the real estate industry is among those to inspire you to be who you want. His guide is especially in achieving financial independence through real estate. 

About Thomas Cruz

Thomas Cruz is a real estate investor and coach who trains people to start and scale their property portfolio. He is the owner and partner of CashFlow Pros, a real estate company in the US. Besides, Thomas is an expert in affordable single-family housing properties. He buys single-family properties and rents them out to subsidized government-sponsored programs. Besides that, he educates people on how to get started in real estate. You can quickly get started in real estate with the professional guidance of Thomas Cruz. 

The Journey to Amassing A Fortune

Thomas Cruz is originally from Rio De Janeiro in Brazil but moved to the US at 5. He grew up in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He has had a determined personality and a business mind from an early stage in life. And that is not all, as Cruz had dreams and acted on them while in high school. His journey is purely about hard work and taking chances when he can. Thomas Cruz also started with the resources he had and according to his capabilities. He began by selling Pokemon cards and drop shipping from Amazon, eBay, and others while in high school and college. 

He accumulated funds to buy a condo after graduating from the University of North Carolina. He also made a wise choice by renting it out about a year later, and that is how he gained momentum in his entrepreneurial journey. With the funds he generated from a marketing side hustle and wholesaling properties, he bought another property. He subsequently kept reinvesting and buying more single-family homes. 

He then started to partner with higher net-worth individuals, which made him grow. He began buying significantly more homes. He ultimately did cash-out refinances, buying out his partners, to having hundreds of single-family properties by himself at 32. 

Thomas Cruz Milestones

Thomas has so far completed over 100 real estate transactions at 32. When he was 30, he made an incredible stride by buying 92 single-family homes for $6 million and sold them for $10 million 18 months later. Thomas currently owns hundreds of single-family properties in North Carolina. He has a monthly lead of over 100 clients. He also has a massive following of 600,000 people on TikTok and thousands on Instagram, where he showcases his business.

Thomas Cruz Business Model

Thomas Cruz has beaten the ordinary in the real estate industry, specializing in condos or single-family properties. His business model is quite interesting, where he buys such property and rents them out to subsidized government-sponsored programs. 

Besides that, he enlightens people on how to get started in real estate. With just a tiny investment, you can get started in real estate with Thomas Cruz’s professional help. It will help if you access his training to get the best out of financial independence in real estate from how to get started. His program goes for $500 per hour of coaching or consulting in return for incredible services.


Looking at Thomas Cruz’s achievements, you can notably say that he is a great expert and notoriety person. It would thus help anyone willing to invest or get into real estate to seek his insights. Again, with 5.34 million homes sold in 2019, according to the National Association of Realtors, it is worth getting into real estate. You can follow Thomas Cruz on Instagram or Tiktok.

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